“Sexuality is our most meaningful expression of our spirit. You cannot touch one without touching the other.”~ Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

Our Philosophy.

Namaste Center for Healing is dedicated to creating a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental therapeutic experience. Founded by Candice Christiansen, M.Ed., CMHC, CSAT-S, this is a place where people come to heal.

Essential elements are necessary for individuals to resolve their complex trauma, heal from the ravages of sexual and other addictions/aversions, and cultivate lasting intimacy. Our team of seasoned clinicians instills HOPE in all our clients that recovery IS possible. Our cutting edge psychotherapy assists individuals, spouses, and couples in achieving life-long change.

Sex addiction is NOT about sex. It, along with other addictions, is caused by unresolved trauma. As a result, individuals with intimacy disorders often present as being on the dissociative disorder spectrum. However, addictive/aversive behavior mixed with unresolved trauma creates the perfect ingredients for failed relationships, chronic relapse, and in some instances, even death. Individuals, spouses, and couples come to Namaste Center for Healing seeking refuge from these destructive behaviors and realize that our approach is the perfect formula for long-term recovery.

With an expertise in the treatment of complex trauma,  intimacy disorders and the other co-occurring addictions that folks typically have, i.e. substances, food, financial, work, our clinical team provides evidenced-based outpatient treatment in a confidential and respectful atmosphere that ensures success in your recovery. Our treatment model encompasses a Task-Based Model as well as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Intensive Programming (A 10-Day Intensive), Intensive Trauma Workshops, and Integrative Therapies.

We work with clients to both understand and incorporate the following Core Values into their lives: Honesty (authenticity), Vulnerability (openness), Nurturing (being able to ask for what one needs), and Intimacy (both non-sexual and sexual connectivity). Our groups are designed for clients to practice these new set of Core Values since being honest with in a safe and comfortable setting creates a sense of healthy vulnerability, which allows for nurturing of self and others (getting one’s needs met in a pro-active way), thus creating a sense of intimacy (in the case of our groups, non-sexual intimacy).

We incorporate The Dissociative Trauma Model of Addiction (DTMA) into our program as it offers a clear guidepost for individuals to identify the various dysfunctional aspects of their addictive behavior. Our skilled approach teaches our clients how to respond from a healthy, functional place. In time and with consistent practice using this Model, individuals begin to respond from a grounded place in which they are capable of being functional, healthy adults who come to their own assistance in both recovery and in their lives.

“Namaste” is a Hindu salutation and means: “I honor the divine in you”. At Namaste Center for Healing, our research-based tools teach you how to honor your true self and your loved ones by empowering you to make healthier choices and life decisions.

If you want to recover, our program is the place for you.

Our Clients.

We specialize in the treating the following issues:

  • Trauma
  • The Sexual Disorders Spectrum (including Sexual Compulsivity (often called “Sexual Addiction”), Sexual Binge-Purge Behavior, and Sexual Anorexia~a hatred of sex)
  • Recovery for Betrayed Partners and Spouses
  • Couples Therapy for Healing from Infidelity/Relationship Issues
  • Court Assessments for Problematic Sexual Behavior
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Love Addiction, Love Avoidance
  • Compulsive Over-Eating Disorders
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Financial Disorders (debting, gambling, hoarding,
    compulsive spending)
  • Workaholism (over-working as a form of deprivation)
  • Other Deprivation Issues (I.e., Under Earning, Lacking Basic Self Care, Rest, & Medical Attention related to Depressive Symptoms that are typically the result of past or current trauma).

The Change You Wish To See…

  • We utilize a diverse range of cutting edge modalities and research based treatment approaches, including:

Cutting Edge Assessments

Client Education/Trauma Model of Addiction

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



Weekly Homework

Court Assessments